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Jul. 3rd, 2008

i've been doing things

vlog style

so,check 'em out


Kelli needs a house

So,there's a leak in the basement of the new house, and the basement is also my room.

It's going to take a couple days to fix up and we're at a lack of furniture.

I need a place to stay for the weekend. I don't get along with my grandparents,and I know it's not going to work out well if I try staying there.

If there's any one who's willing to let me stay with them for just the weekend I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

You wouldn't know I'm there. I'm working all weekend.

I just need a place to sleep.

Call my cell phone or send me a message/IM if possible

it's actually a funny situation

They took my tables. My Chairs. And my dog.

Haha,my parents headed up to deep creek early with the furniture and whatnot, so a few rooms in my house are empty now. They also took Raven up with them, so I kept looking for her this morning at random times, later remembering she went with. Aww, I miss my baby girl. :-( one day. I can deal with that.

I have a tissue box in my room that has a lot of sunflowers on it. It makes me smile.

Cingular is still being a bitch, so I'll have ot call them and set up the text deal that way. I hate doing phone things. I just don't like calling up people with a small idea in mind, and not really knowing who it is exactly I'm calling.



Oh wah ah ah ah

Fuck, I hate being sick.

This shit will fuck you up

I love everything.

Yeap,pretty much.
Tomorrow I will take pictures of you and with you. I realized that I'm lacking in pictures of me actually being with people.

Be prepared
For some reason, I have the urge to go roller skating.

We should go roller skating.

Jan. 8th, 2006

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